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IT Customer Support
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Security Patching

As part of our comprehensive security program, we can help you keep your systems up to date and keep you protected from vulnerabilities. From establishing a patching schedule and acceptance program, to patch testing and automation, let us take the burdens off of your team!

Comprehensive Network Monitoring

IndyConn will keep you ahead of the curve with our 24×7 comprehensive monitoring. We provide alerting and escalations of your environment as well as deep insight into what is going on in the entire stack. IndyConn can provide reporting and analysis of problem areas as well as use artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately predict hardware failures. We can provide log analysis, predictive operational reports, and make technology spend recommendations. Stop responding to emergencies and stay a step ahead with comprehensive monitoring.

IT Project Management

We have experienced IT Project Managers to help implement or upgrade network infrastructure, software of all sizes, office relocations, hardware/equipment, security, and more by using agile methodologies. From initiation to close, we manage all of your project needs.

Platform and Application Hosting

IndyConn information architects and engineers can help your organization by hosting your applications in our data center. We can provide both server platform and application hosting for your organization. This hosting service will allow you to focus on the things that matter and let our team maintain the servers and applications as well as guarantee your SLA to these critical applications. Whether for production workload or disaster recovery, we can help your team excel!

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

At IndyConn, we understand how important it is to always have access to your critical applications and data. Let us review your system and implement ongoing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to protect your business from data loss, secure sensitive information, safeguard business operations, and more. You gain complete visibility, full control, and fast recovery in the event of any issues.

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